Friday, January 15, 2010

The Garza Strip

Before I begin this post, a little correction: there was a little spelling mistake concerning Garza's name, thanks to a faulty Amazon listing. The listing has since been corrected.

Thus, his name is properly written Thomas J. Garza, not "J. Thomas Garza". I've adjusted his label on this blog, accordingly.

Anyhoo, in the same blog entry linked above, I gave brief coverage to Garza's book, The Vampire in Slavic Cultures (University Readers, 2009). What I didn't mention, was that he has been teaching an eponymous course since 1997 at The University of Texas at Austin.

You can read his profile through the University's website, which also provides the course listing.

Vivé Griffith's article, "Vampires Never Die", mentions it and gives a brief overview of the vampire myth.

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