Monday, September 28, 2009

Bloody Hell!

Niels' blog is certainly a goldmine for vampire resources. For example, I purchased a copy of David Keysworth's Troublesome Corpses: Vampires and Revenants from Antiquity to the Present (2007), based on his recommendation.

And it's a great book.

His recent entry, "Vampires Among Us", depicted a book I had never heard of: The Vampire in Slavic Cultures.

I particularly relish books written on vampire folklore. There aren't nearly enough. It's also one of the reasons why Paul Barber's Vampires, Burial, and Death: Folklore and Reality (1988) is one of my favourite books.

Suffice it to say, I had to find this new book featured on Niels' blog.

Oh, I found it alright.

Turns out it's by J. Thomas Garza and was published in June, this year.

Amazon's asking price?


And that doesn't include shipping. Using XE - Universal Currency Converter, it means the asking price is 171.344 AUD (approx. AUD $171.35).


Nonetheless, I've added it to my Wish List.

Let's hope the price comes down. Significantly.


Little Socks said...

I know this is two years later, but I just enrolled in Garza's "Vampire 101" course at UT and thought you might like to know he has a 2010 edition now, and you can actually get it a little cheaper (US$129) at the publisher's website ( - it's even pictured on the main page! and to think amazon's price has gone up even more, to $163! however, i just found a used copy of the 09 ed on cheapbooks for only $90 - that's the one for me!

sorry for the oversharing, but every semester i get very excited over textbooks and trying to find ways out of paying my kidneys for them, and just have to share :)

Anthony Hogg said...

Cheers for the head's up, Ms. Jane.

The Amazon prices for the book have been quite appalling, especially as the book (from what I've seen of its contents) is a bunch of extracts and such, reprinted from elsewhere.

Regardless, it's still on my 'to-get' list, and hopefully I'll score a comparatively cheap copy like you did.

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