Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Twilight Backlash

In the previous post, I mentioned that the success of Meyers' books had spawned off a massive resurgence in vampire literature.

As usual, there's always a flipside to such things. A backlash, if you will.

Several parodies of
Twilight have been written. They include Stephen Jenner's TwiLite: A Parody, Stephfordy Mayo's New Moan: The First Book in the Twishite Saga: A Parody and The Harvard Lampoon's Nightlight: A Parody (all 2009).

Oh, and you check out a Twilight-based tune

Obviously, not everyone's so keen on vampires at the moment. Hell, the good folk of Flatmancrooked have even gone out of their way to publish an anthology with the following title:

That's right. It's called, Not about Vampires: An Anthology of New Fiction Concerning Everything Else. It was edited by Deena Drewis and is due for release on the 15th.

If the bloke on the front cover looks familiar, then you'd be right. It's David Duchovny.

Why'd they choose a rendering of him for the cover? Here's what the book's publishers have to say:
On this season of Californication, Hank Moody decried the Twilight series, and in so doing nearly drove one of his students to suicide. Though we don’t want Stephenie Meyer to die, or anyone else for that matter, we’d like to combat the recent spate of popular vampire fiction, some of which is parading itself as literature. Therefore, Flatmancrooked presents Not About Vampires: An Anthology of New Fiction Concerning Everything Else, with cover graphics by the white hot Kevin Best depicting Professor Moody dispatching some teen bloodsuckers.

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