Wednesday, January 13, 2010

X-Rated Twilight

I should warn you that this post is gonna be dealing with some adult content! So, if you're of somewhat delicate sensibilities, I advise you to turn away!

Oh, you're still here.

Anyway, I was having a read through CRwM's "Link proliferation: John can give you cancer", which leads into a subheading he calls "My Most Blatant Bid Ever to Drive Traffic to My Blog":
Stephanie Meyer's, Twilight, the word "porn."

Those search terms alone should pretty much guarantee that this becomes my most read blog post ever.
And it got me there Twilight porn? Y'know. Purely for curiousity's sake.


It didn't take long to find out. And don't worry, I didn't Google "images"!

Jenni Miller gives coverage to the "inevitable" pornographic spin-offs of Meyers' success. In particular, a flick that was released in October last year called This Isn't Twilight: The XXX Parody.

Rule 34, indeed.

Uh, that link isn't "worksafe", by the way.

You would've noticed the emphasis on "parody" appearing in my previous post. Obviously, these artistes are trying to avoid a lawsuit.

Although, one wonders what conservative Mormon housewife Meyer must be making of this stuff. If she's aware of it, of course.

Mind you, the main appeal of such flicks is the cheeky titles they use. It's no wonder that Cher Tippetts laments This Isn't Twilight's lack of originality: "Frankly, we were disappointed they didn't even attempt to come up with a vampire-themed pun for the title."

Much more effective titles have been used in other "parodies" of popular vampire franchises. A few of my favourite titles (none of which I've seen, mind you) are Muffy the Vampire Layer (1992), Intercourse with the Vampire (1994) and From Dusk 'til Porn (2004).

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