Monday, March 8, 2010

No, This Isn't a Joke

I've covered some pretty damn expensive vampire books on here. But nothing, nothing dear reader, could prepare me for this one.

I was doing one of my periodic searches for vampire books on Amazon, when I accidentally shuffled the list from high to low in price (I usually go for "Publication date", so I can what new stuff's out).

But before I reveal what the item is, let's take a few guesses at what it might be, eh? A first edition Calmet? Davanzati? Summers?

Nope. It's this:

That's right: US $44,294.46 (plus $3.99 p+h) for a used copy of Keith Topping's Tueuse de vampires : Le guide non officiel de Buffy (Hors Collection, 2000).

There are several things that make this asking price both abominable, and ludicrous.

Firstly, did I mention that it's used?

Second, the book is a French translation (thanks Wikipedia) of Topping's Slayer: The Totally Cool Unofficial Guide to Buffy (Virgin Books, 2000).

You can actually buy a copy of the English-language original, in mass market paperback form for the princely sum of...US $2.23 (some copies are actually going for $0.01).

Lastly, when the book was published, the series hadn't even finished yet (it wrapped up in 2003). So, even as a guide to the series, it's not even complete.

This is an almost incomprehensible mystery I have to delve into further, so, I've e-mailed the book's seller, greener_books_london. Here's what I wrote:

I am interested to know what criteria you used for pricing Keith Toppings' "Tueuse de vampires : Le guide non officiel de Buffy" (2000).

Your listing says you are selling it for $44,294.46. Is this accurate? If so, how did it warrant this asking price?
On the off chance that they actually bother to respond, I'm hoping they come up with a damn good explanation!

That said, if anyone actually ends up buying the damn thing, then I they can rest assured that their stature as Buffy's No. 1 Fan will be cemented for all eternity.

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