Monday, September 28, 2009

And I Thought They Were Pricey...

Yesterday, I gave coverage to the high price for J. Thomas Garza's The Vampire in Slavic Cultures (2009).

Previously, in "Two Recent Purchases", I mentioned that copies of Jan L. Perkowski's Vampires of the Slavs (1976) could go for as high as US $295.

Another pricey vampire book is Harry A. Senn's Were-Wolf and Vampire in Romania (1982), which Amazon is selling for US $250.

However, all those titles are completely dwarfed by the price for Alok Bhalla's Politics of Atrocity and Lust: The Vampire Tale as a Nightmare History of England in the Nineteenth Century (1990):

And the bloody thing's only 88 pages long!

Atrocity, indeed.

That essentially puts it in the same rank as original copies of Calmet's disserations.

How's that for perspective?

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