Saturday, October 31, 2009

Follow-Up on Romancing

In "More Wishes", I indicated that I wasn't quite sure what kind of book David J. Skal's upcoming Romancing the Vampire: From Past to Present (November 2009) was meant to be.

Well, thanks to his website, I can now inform you that it'll be an
unprecedented treasure trove of undead history, iconography, and memorabilia, and a must-have book for your favorite vampire fan.
And, from having a look at some of the spreads featured on the homepage, as well as keeping the page length in consideration (144 pages, according to Amazon), we're basically dealing with a glossy coffee table book.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

If anything, it might be a bonus. Skal's works are filled with incredibly rare vampire (and vampire-related) images, as Hollywood Gothic: The Tangled Web of Dracula from Novel to Stage to Screen (1990), V Is for Vampire: An A-Z Guide to Everything Undead (1996) and Vampires: Encounters with the Undead (2001) all attest.

Here's hoping!

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