Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thanks Niels!

Niels' recent post, "A Weblog Approach", mentions the online publication of his contribution to a Vienna conference on vampirism.

His essay was titled, "Magia Posthuma: A Weblog Approach to the History of Central and Eastern European Vampire Cases of the 18th Century". You can read it, as a pdf file, here.

I was also quite pleased to see that both myself, and my blog, got a mention on page 4:
It [his blog -ed.] has also been an inspiration for other bloggers, including the so-called Amateur Vampirologist from Australia who mentioned »Niels K. Petersen's brilliant Magia Posthuma« as one of the sources of inspiration in his initial post to the blog Diary of an Amateur Vampirologist.
Indeed I did, in "Just a Quick One".

I am, of course, deeply flattered by Niels giving my blog a "shout out".

It continues to maintain its level of quality and insight into vampire research. An absolutely winning contribution to vampire fandom/scholarship.

However, I was somewhat amused to see his comments on negative experiences in writing his blog:
So far the blog has only experienced one slight case of harassment, by someone using the nom de plume »The Overseer«. The harassment included appropriating a portion of text from my blog, which was however removed on my request.
This rather shady character (who appropriated my username from Did a Wampyr Walk in Highgate?) happens to be a member of the Vampire Research Society.

I've provided coverage of that "Overseer" here and here.

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