Monday, September 14, 2009

The Problem with Abbreviations

I was having a browse for vampire books on eBay, when I came across this rather unfortunate entry:

It's actually an entry for Beverly Gray's Roger Corman: Blood-Sucking Vampires, Flesh-Eating Cockroaches, and Driller Killers (Da Capo Press, 2003).

Its seller, rangerpaper, obviously tried to incorporate the book's entire title into the ad...with unintentional, amusing results!

You can buy your copy, today, for US $6.99! (not including postage)


Lindsay said...

Ha... that does seem a bit unfortuante, lol.

And I was thinking about the women and vampire attraction after your comment - I think a big thing that gets women is that these magnificent creatures "love" completely, and who doesn't want to be loved for every single fiber of their being? That's what these book portray - the unattainable choosing you forever - I won't over analyze it and bring in the psychobabble, but if there were romances for men (are there? That might be interestting) I am sure they would probably include similar themes... unconditional love and respect with a few extra quirks ;)

Anthony Hogg said...

(Note: Lindsay's referring to my comment on her blog entry, "Explaining the Vampire Loving Women in Men's Health")

The creatures you refer to are carefully sculpted creations of their authors.

But, keep in mind, that the vampire mystique existed even before the modern good-guy vampire craze.

After all, Bela Lugosi used to get heaps of love letters after his portrayal in Dracula (1931), and he certainly wasn't sympathetic (apart from a few throw-away lines).

Vampire romances for men? Now that would be an interesting one. Guys, as you'd know, are more into sexual allure than "romance". I mean, how many guys do you know watched The Vampire Lovers (1970) and thought, "Damn! I sure could marry that Ingrid Pitt!"

However, with the popularity of "bromance" movies of late (rom-coms for blokes), maybe we could be looking at an untapped market here.

Traditionally, guys aren't open to romantic movies, books, etc. But maybe it's all just a matter of presentation?

After all, our ideal partners would embody what you describe. Maybe it's just a matter of how one would go about depicting it?

After all, couldn't Let the Right One In be considered a vampire romance between a boy and a girl?

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