Friday, January 16, 2009

Imitation Isn't Always the Sincerest Form of Flattery

I was rather startled to read Niels' "Plagiarism" blog entry on Magia Posthuma.

Why? Because of this:
Someone calling him- or herself The Overseer has started a blog called Diary of a Vampirologist that includes posts on a couple of famous 18th century vampirism.

The similarity of the title made me think, briefly, that my blog was being referred to!

But it couldn't possibly be. I've never plagiarised anything from him, and if I have quoted him, I would no doubt have given citation.

So, I decided to check out the link...and came across this.

Yep, a blog called Diary of a Vampirologist (DOAV). Gee, I wonder why that title sounds familiar. Oh, and doesn't that choice of background look familiar too...

(I've saved a link to the page, so if it "mysteriously" changes in format, I'll post up a screencap for the sake of comparison!)

For the record, my blog pre-dated his own. Note the date of my first blog entry against his.

However, the other interesting item that stems from the plagiaristic blog is its author's username, i.e. "The Overseer".

As it happens, it's the same username I use on another blog I write for.

I've got a hunch that the author of DOAV could quite possibly be the one and the same person written about here.


Lindsay said...

That's interesting... I actually almost deleted you off my blogroll because of the plagerism post. Glad I didn't, because it wasn't you!

Anthony Hogg said...

Hi Ms. LuluBelle,

Cheers for writing in. I had a feeling some people might confuse me for the fraud who writes for Diary of a Vampirologist, so I had to make sure I made a distinction between us on my blog.

I've written up two recent items on the topic, as well. See "On Diaries, Part One" and "On Diaries, Part Two".

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