Saturday, January 17, 2009

On Diaries, Part Two

(Continued from previous blog entry.)

We now move along to "The case of Mercy Brown". His method of investigating the case? Copying it from Wikipedia's "Mercy Brown vampire incident" article (last modified on 11 January 2009, at 15:55).

The same level of originality is to be found in "Emma S------ and Eleonore Zügun", which is another extract from Montague Summers' The Vampire: His Kith & Kin (1928), which is at least cited. Sames goes for "Concomitants of Vampirism" and "Introducing Montague Summers" (aka "The Vampire: His Kith & Kin").

Meanwhile, "Discerning the Vampire" cribs portions from Seán Manchester's "A Demonologist's Reflections on Time Travel", an extract from Stray Ghosts.

And last of all, his most recent entry, "Montague Summers", is a copy-n-paste job of the Vampire Research Society's "Montague Summers" page.

The only entries that I had a bit of difficulty in tracing verbatim content from, were "The haunting of Elizabeth Wojdyla" and "The case of Petre Toma".

So what do we have with Diary of a Vampirologist? A "diary" that regurgitates the contents of other websites, which it could just as easily link to and/or provide commentary on. Its author is a "vampirologist" whose study is all but non-existent, going by the content relayed thus far.

Even his page design, page name and username have been borderline ripped-off from me. Indeed, he has previously "tailed" me in other mediums, as well as repeatedly plagiarised material, so his latest incarnation comes as no real shock. His agenda is an apparent mouthpiece for the Vampire Research Society, as is apparent from his frequent "borrowings" and dissemination of their writings. I also suspect his assumption of identities similar to mine is an attempt to get people confused as to thinking we are one and the same person.

This is highlighted be his approbation of one of my usernames, by aping the title of my blog and even by outright copying the title and format (which, I admittedly based on Magia Posthuma's) of another of my blogs.

The sinister intent of such actions becomes apparent, especially after Ms. LuluBelle's recent comment to "Imitation Isn't Always the Sincerest Form of Flattery", regarding Niel's uncovering of plagiarism on Diary of a Vampirologist:
That's interesting... I actually almost deleted you off my blogroll because of the plagerism post. Glad I didn't, because it wasn't you!

Oh, and now that he's been rumbled, don't be surprise if a few changes start taking place on his blog. Which is why I took the recourse of saving the pages I've discussed. Wouldn't be the first time.

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