Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh Hells Yeah!

I'm incredibly humbled by my blog's inclusion in Carrie Carolin's "Best of the Dark Side: 13 Great Vampire Blogs". Especially in such esteemed company.

Several of the blogs she mentions are found on the Blogroll to the right, funnily enough. Anyhoo, here's what she had to say about my online ramblings:

This blog has been going since 2008. Currently featuring the Vampires Suck trailer, a few posts about antique vampire killing kits, a dissertation on the difference in spellings between vampire and vampyre, and news on vampires in pop culture. The author, Anthony, is thoughtful and careful when writing, and he really knows what he's talking about. Never a dull read here.

How cool is that? I also see she's covered several of my recent posts. The Vampires Suck trailer featured here. I've written three posts on vampire kits (one, two, three), thus far, and explored the difference between vampires and vampyres.

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