Saturday, February 13, 2010

This One's for the Dracula Fans

Came across what looks to be a brilliant addition to Drac Studies. Behold, Dracula: The Sourcebook:
With the many portrayals of Dracula in media, LSU Ph.D. student John Edgar Browning, along with author Caroline Joan Picart, have set out to put together the definitive Dracula reference book with "Dracula: The Sourcebook, A Guide to Film and Television, Comic Books and Video Gaming." LSU Ph.D. students Laura Helen Marks and Mitch Frye also contributed chapter introductions to the book, and several of Browning's former undergraduate students from a class on composition and monster theory assisted with the research.
Its publisher, McFarland, doesn't have an entry for the book on its website, so expect it to be published quite late in the year.

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