Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Little Night Music

"Transylvanian rock band" (ahem), The Fangs, have released a single called, "Vampire Empire" (2009).

It asks a compelling question: "How many bites does it take, does it take, to get to the center of your love?":

One can only hazard a guess.

Anyway, while we're on the subject of vampire-themed music, let's take a look at mixtape suggested by Leonard R. N. Ashley's deeply-flawed The Complete Book of Vampires (London: Souvenir Press, 1998), p. 153.

Be wary of turning it into a commercial release, however, as he warns he'll "sue in the best pop tradition".

Here's his primary tracklist, numbered, by me, for your convenience:
  1. Alice Cooper's "Fresh Blood"
  2. Autopsy's "Fiend for Blood"
  3. Bathory's "Woman of Dark Desires"
  4. Bauhaus' "Bela Lugosi's Dead"
  5. Birthday Party's "Release the Bats"
  6. Blue Oyster Cult's "Tattoo Vampire"
  7. Coroner's "Nosferatu"
  8. Dark Theater's "Undead"
  9. Dark Throne's "Transylvania Hunger"
  10. Dupont's "Screamin' Ball at Dracula Hall"
  11. Entombed's "Blood Song"
  12. Excruciating Pain's "Nosferatu"
  13. J. Geil's Band's "Fright Night"
  14. Grave's "Riboflavin Flavored Non-Carbonated Polyunsaturated Blood"
  15. Iron Maiden's "Transylvania"
  16. LA Guns' "Hollywood Vampires"
  17. Legendary Pink Dots' "Casting the Runes"
  18. Mazzy Star's "Taste of Blood"
  19. Mercyful Fake's "Return of the Vampire"
  20. Motorhead's "Waltz of the Vampire"
  21. Shroud's "Lovers' Bones"
  22. Siouxie and The Banshees' "We Hunger"
  23. Sting's "Moon over Bourbon Street"
  24. Warfare's "Screams of the Vampire"
  25. Wire's "Feed Me"
I've been doing a little digging to see which albums they're originally from. In the process, I've also noticed that Ashley listed a few band names incorrectly, made spelling errors, and, in one case, even included a song that doesn't exist.
  1. Dada (1982)
  2. Acts of the Unspeakable (1992)
  3. Under the Sign: The Sign of the Black Mark (1987)
  4. Bela Lugosi's Dead (EP) (1979)
  5. The Birthday Party, Junkyard (1982)
  6. Blue Öyster Cult, Agents of Fortune (1976)
  7. R.I.P (1987)
  8. The Dark Theater, Matters of Life and Undeath (1990)
  9. Darkthrone, "Transilvanian Hunger", Transilvanian Hunger (1994)
  10. I'm not certain at the moment, but the band was The Duponts, and it appears to have been released as a single in 1958. See also Allmusic article on the band. Song also appears as, "Screamin' Ball (At Dracula Hall).
  11. Wolverine Blues (1993)
  12. Thou Shall Choose (1992)
  13. J. Geils Band, Fright Night: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1985)
  14. 45 Grave, "Riboflavin Flavored, Non-Carbonated, Polyunsaturated Blood", Autopsy (1987)
  15. Iron Maiden (1980)
  16. L.A. Guns did release a 1991 album of this name, but no songs of this name, as their discography reveals.
  17. The Legendary Pink Dots, Any Day Now (1987)
  18. She Hangs Brightly (1990)
  19. Return of the Vampire: The Rare and Unreleased (1992)
  20. Dirty Love (1989)
  21. The Shroud, Drowning Dreams (1992)
  22. Hyæna (1984)
  23. The Dream of the Blue Turtles (1985)
  24. Properly called War Fare, Ashley seems to have combined two of their songs into one. Their 1990 album, Hammer Horror, has two tracks of a similar name: "Scream of the Vampire: Part 1" and "Scream of the Vampire: Part 2".
  25. The Ideal Copy (1987)

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