Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tsaliki on the Lazzaretto Nuovo "Vampire"

I previously discussed the Lazzaretto Nuovo "vampire" here.

Anastasia Tsaliki wrote an e-mail to Michael E. Smith, blogger of Publishing Archaeology, in which she raises some very valid points about the media's coverage of the alleged vampire.

The e-mail was incorporated into Smith's blog entry, "Vampires, the Media, and Quality Control in Archaeology".

Journalists, take note!


Taliesin_ttlg said...

AV - sorry to hijack the thread but could you drop me an email. I'm not sure if I have your email addy and want to runa concept by you.

Anthony Hogg said...

No problem, Taliesin. My e-mail's on my profile page.

Unknown said...

Dr Tsaliki ask about Dr borrini... here some information about him

Dr Matteo Borrini (MS) is temporary research fellow at th University of Florence, where he works also as contract professor for Phisical Anthropology Laboratory.
He is contract professor at the Papal Theological University “San Bonaventura” and at Post Graduate Specialization School of Archeological Heritage, University of Florence

pubblication about this case
-La scoperta di una sepoltura di “vampiro”: archeologia e antropologia forense analizzano la genesi di una leggenda rendiconti della Società Italiana di Antropologia ed Etnologia, Archivio per l’antropologia e l’etnologia Vol. CXXXVIII-2008
-An exorcism against a vampire in Venice: anthropological and forensic study on an archaeological burial of XVI century, 3rd jubilee of Société d’Anthropologie de Paris 2008
-The vampire bites back in odontology: case report of skeletal remains in Nuovo Lazzaretto Island, Venice, Atti 61st Annual Meeting of American Academy of forensic Sciences 2008. other author: Emilio Nuzzolese
-Forensic approach to an archaeological casework of ‘vampire’ skeletal remains in Venice: odontological and anthropological prospectus, Journal of Forensic Sciences (on pubblication). other author: Emilio Nuzzolese

Anthony Hogg said...

Good morning Matteo,

I'm gonna have to presume that you're the actual Dr. Borrini, even though there's no link in your profile.

Thank you for your third person comments. Your resource lists certainly looks interesting, but I still don't buy the Lazzaretto Nuovo find was a vampire proper. A shroudeater, maybe. A vampire, no.

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