Thursday, July 31, 2008

Journal of a Vampire Hunter

Ever wondered what a blog that reads like a cross between David J. Schow's "A Week in the Unlife" (1991) and John Carpenter's Vampires (1998) would be like?

Well, wonder no further!

I present you with Dagmar Krauss, Vampyr Hunter!

Its "About Me" gives the lowdown:

I am a vampyr hunter. Trust me; it sounds a lot cooler than it really is.

I have decided to keep this blog because, well, dusty diaries are passé.

Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated for a while. Its most recent entry, "Disavowed?", begins with an ominous message from our hero:

Well, I haven't heard from the Guild in weeks, and I'd like to know what the fuck is going on. Last communication I had from them was right before they stuck me in the fucking hospital. I've still got my phone, and it still works, so they haven't cut me off completely yet, but they did leave me stuck with the hospital bill.

Read it with a pinch of salt.


dhkrauss said...

Hey! Somebody who read my old diary. I didn't know such a thing existed, but then I googled myself.

Hey, I spend a lot of time waiting around. Don't judge me.

If you're still interested, three years later, I'm back up at

Anthony Hogg said...

Hi Dagmar,

Thanks for pointing out the new home of your blog.

I gave it a brief write-up.

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